I come to you in my fully converted mobile salon, equip with hydro-bath, high velocity professional hair dryer and grooming table. I collect your precious pooch from your door and groom them outside your home,  thus meeting your pet needs without disrupting your busy schedule, and returning them to you smelling and looking gorgeous!

All I require is an adequate parking space and a electric socket to power the van. 

Prior to each groom I will discuss your pooch's styling with you to ensure each groom is tailored to meet any health requirements, and both your lifestyles needs.  These are then noted for your next visit from where we will discuss any changes required 


Grooming can be a stressful time, my main objective is to ensure your dogs comfort throughout the groom, and support their welfare by styling the coat for comfort as well as appearance. If your pooch is nervous and hates travelling to the groomers then mobile grooming is the perfect solution,  where I am also able to give my undivided affection and attention to your pooch only. I allow plenty of time for each groom, with plenty of breaks if required, and reassuring cuddles to relax and build confidence, making future grooms more enjoyable. All my products are non-carcinogenic and promote relaxation through natural essential oils, as well as nourishing skin and coat.

Each groom includes a thorough brush to remove dead undercoat, bath, blow-dry, and style (if required), including nail trimming, ear cleaning. Prices consider the dogs breed, size, coat condition and temperament. 

I also offer puppy grooms at reduced rates up to 6 months old, to help get your puppy comfortable with regular grooming to reduce stress and anxiety. 

I recommend walking your dog prior to each groom so they are calmer and an empty bladder and bowel helps make your dog more comfortable.


*Appointments cancelled with 24 hours or less notice will be subject to cancellation fee of 50% of the groom. I will not be held liable for accidents caused to remove extremely matted coats that require additional time to shave the coat. This is a delicate process that increases risk for inadvertent accidental injury, as we are working close to the skin. Surcharge will be added to the groom price in this instance to cover time and wear to equipment. It is recommended that most dogs are groomed between 8-12 weeks, and 4-6 weeks for wool coats to avoid such a situation. Owners are responsible to inform me if they think their dog is likely to bite and should therefore be muzzled. If your dog bites and causes injury, the groom will not be continued and you will pay for the groom in full, including any medical attention that is required. You will confirm that your pet is fit, healthy & fully vaccinated for their groom, and I will not be held responsible for any mishap caused by non-disclosure of your pets medical condition or behavior. If your pets health causes concern, please obtain veterinary advice and treatment. I cannot be held responsible if your dog contracts fleas. Although precautions are taken I cannot promise complete eradication if they are brought into the work place throughout the working day. I stipulate that all dogs must be flea'd regularly to protect against contamination and dogs that have been found to have fleas repeatedly will no loner be groomed. The Poochie Palace will only groom dogs once the owner consents and adheres to the terms & conditions .

  Price List

Airedale                                      £45-£55       
Akita                                             £45-£50            
American Cocker                  £45-£65
Basset Hound                          £30 
Beagle                                          £28
Bearded Collie                        £45-£65 
Bedlington Terrier                £37-£40 
Bernese Mountain Dog     £65-£70
Bichon Frise                             £40
Blood Hound                            £30
Bolognese                                  £35-£45
Border Collie                           £40-£50
Border Terrier                        £30-£35 clipped 
Boston Terrier                        £25
Bouvier Des Flandres         £50-£70
Boxer                                            £30
Briad                                             £55-£65
Bristish Bulldog                      £28
Bullmastiff                                 £35
Cairn Terrier                            £35
Cavachon                                   £37-£40
Cavapoo                                      £37-£40
Cavalier King Charles         £35 clip off/ £40 Breed standard cut
​Cocker Spaniel                        £40
Chihuahua (SH/LH)              £25-£28
Clumber Spaniel £36-         £40
Corgie                                           £30
Coton De Tulear                     £35-£38
Dandi Dinmont Terrier      £38-£40  
Dachsund (SH)                        £25
Dachshund (LH)                      £30
Dalmatian                                   £40
Deerhound                                 £35
​Doberman                                   £35
​Dog De Bordeaux                  £30- £40
English Setter                            £40-£45
Fox Terrier                                  £35
G/Shepherd (SH)                    £45-£50
G/Shepherd (LH)                     £50-£60
German Spitz                             £30
Golden Doodle                          £50-£70
Golden Retriever                     £45-£55
Gordan Setter                            £45-£52
Great Dane                                  £45
Grey Hound                                 £26
Hungarian Visla                         £35             
Irish/ Red Setter                        £45
Irish Terrier                                  £35
Irish Welsh Setter                    £45-£55
Irish Wolfhound                        £60
Italian Spinone                           £40-£55
Jack Russel (SH)                        £28
Jack Russel (LH)                        £30-£35
Japanese Sheba Inu                 £45
Kerry Blue Terrier                    £40
Keeshond                                       £35
Labrador                                         £30
Labradoodle                                 £45-£50
Lakeland Terrier                        £30
Lhasa Apso                                   £35
Maltese Terrier                          £30
Miniature Pinscher                  £25                           
Norweigen Elkhound              £48
Norwich Terrier                         £30-£35
Old English Sheep Dog           £60+
Papillion                                          £30
Patterdale                                      £35-50
Pekingese                                       £30
Pomeranian                                  £30-£35
Poodle Miniature/ Toy           £37-£45
Portugese Water Dog            £45-£55
Pug                                                     £25
Ridgeback                                       £30-£35
Rotweiler                                        £35
Rough Collie                                  £50+
Schnauzer Giant                          £45-£50
Schnauzer Standard                  £42
Schnauzer Miniature                £35
Scottish Terrier                            £35
Shar Pei                                             £28
Shelti/Shetland Sheepdog      £38-£45
Shih Tzu                                             £35
Softcoated Wheaten Terrier £42-£52
Spanish Water Dog                     £45-£55
Springer Spaniel                            £40
Staffy                                                    £25
Tibetan Terrier                               £40
Terripoo                                              £35-£42
Weimaraner                                      £30
Welsh Corgi                                      £37-£45
Welsh Springer Spaniel              £40
Welsh Terrier                                   £35
Westie                                                  £35 (clip off) - £40 (breed standard)                   
Whippet                                              £30-£35
Yorkshire Terrier                           £32-£35
Yorkshire Terrier toy                   £28-£31
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